Stretch – “Back and Forth”

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If  you feel like your neck is leaning forward and the shoulders slightly rounded this is the movement for you.  The “Side to Side” addresses the Latissimus Dorsi, Sub Sapularis and Pectoralsis Major and Minor.

This movement, the “Back and Forth” focuses on taking the shoulder muscles through their range of motion (ROM).  By doing so , you may feel stiff and the movement unatural.  Begin with the hands wide apart and low intensity.  This movement should be low intensity and easy to do.  It will retrain all of the shoulder girdle muscles to be balanced and improve your posture.

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How does poor posture effect our muscles?

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posture chartThe short answer is, directly. I see this with most people who are living with head, neck & shoulder pain. If you would like to be a part of 12th Avenue Massage Therapy Group’s Posture Project, call us to get your postural analysis. We will take your picture in front of this grid chart and begin the process of assessing and correcting your posture through a combination of self-care stretches, hydrotherapy, ice therapy and therapeutic/structural massage. Poor posture pain is a common condition which can be successfully treated with a strategic plan of stretching the correct muscles. Call us to talk about your posture!

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The Simple Supine Upper Torso & Hip Extensor Movement

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Simple Supine Upper Torso and Hip

This movement helps retrain many core muscles and begins to open up the chest and rib cage for better posture.
Most of us have a slightly flexed head and shoulders, as well as flexed hips which cause pelvic imbalances and extra tension in the middle to low back. Many of my clients begin their morning self-care routines with this particular movement.

Begin with a deep breath and then move and exhale as you lift the arms and pelvic girdle. Begin this with just 10 repetitions, but do it in the morning and evening. After a week, increase the repetitions and intensity by holding the hips in the up position. Creating the perfect self-care movement program can help you better manage your muscular stiffness and pain.

**Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program**

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The Simple Torso Torsion Movement

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In this simple movement, one can help increase neck, upper, middle and lower back flexibility. Note that when you bring the bent legs over to either side, you should be exhaling. Take a deep inhale when the knees are vertical. I suggest that my client/patients begin with a set of 10 repetitions, twice a day, first thing in the am and right before you go to bed.

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Stretching is one of the key components to a successful self-care plan

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Frances4bStretching is one of the key components to a successful self-care plan.  It will help you better manage your muscular stress, stiffness and/or pain. In essence, massage is passive stretching. My passion is to help each of my client/patients discover which muscles are causing the most problems and demonstrate how to access and address these muscles.

It is always recommended to begin any new stretching routine with low intensity and low repetitions and then gradually increase the intensity and repetitions. We live in a world where our daily activities have our anterior/front muscles in a flexed position. Poor posture plays a large role in why  many of us should focus our attention on stretching the anterior neck, chest and hip muscles.

A good stretching routine improves posture and simply feels great!

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